You can Now Visualize your Project on a Map in your Phone

We are happy to announce that our app now allows you to visualize design details and attributes on the phone.

In this demo, we are working with a rural power line project being implemented in Kenya. Each project is implemented within a constituency, and each constituency is inside a county. Naturally, the user starts by browsing a list of counties

This expands to reveal the sub-counties within the county.

This further expands to reveal the projects within the subcounty.

We can then select the scheme we are interested in and obtain the map as below. The red circles here represent construction units that are yet to be established.

Scheme Map on Phone

It is possible to swipe so as to see all details regarding the scheme. In this example, the electrification scheme has 3 medium voltage lines, 66 low voltage lines and 135 construction units. You can expand this list to view the details of each of the units.

Clicking on any of the units on the map will launch a popup which allows the user to either view the unit or peg it.  Pegging allows the identification of the actual location of the feature on the ground so a peg can be put on the ground.

Viewing enables the examination of all attributes related to the particular unit. Our platform allows hierachical attributes as well as collections. That means the status of the construction unit can be updated over time and this would appear in the hierachy

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