What is MobGiS?

Mobile Geographical Information System-MobGIS is a platform where you design and create maps on your web browser. It allows you to build a warehouse where you will collect and house information of your interest: location of a place, buildings, land and other resources. It gives you freedom to use this information to take actions and make decisions. We secure your uncertainty by making your … operations, opportunities and pains that are beyond your sight more visible using technologies: GIS, GPS and mobile applications.


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Stories from Our Blog

You can Now Visualize your Project on a Map in your Phone
6th February 2018
We are happy to announce that our app now allows you to visualize design details and attributes on the phone. In this demo, we are working with a rural power line project being implemente...
Introducing Service Providers
25th January 2018
This week, we finally implemented a feature we have really needed on MobGIS – enabling different organizations to work from the same app. In our implementation, the MobGIS app now allows
Demo Site goes Live
12th January 2018
Our demo site is now up and running alongside the new MobGIS website. The demo is based on a powerline design project involving several hundred electrification schemes in 5 counties in Kenya...